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I started singing on stage at the age of nine. My father is a singing artist from India and was the very first live band and entertainers amongst the tri-state area since 1989. He had a live band company named Montu Singh & Entertainment and sang a wide range of selections, from old songs to new songs, Hindi Bollywood songs, Punjabi, Gujarati garba, qawali and more. He performed at weddings, stage shows, anniversaries, birthday parties, and so many more events. Seeing him perform and entertain so many people was truly remarkable. Every weekend, I would accompany him to his events. I was always very fond of music. One day, my father asked me to sing on stage and I have never stopped singing since. At the age of nine, I could sing on stage and operate a sound system. 


How it all started

I can still remember my first performance. I was nervous and excited at the same time. As I started singing, I can hear the people clapping and cheering me on. I got so encouraged and haven’t stopped singing since. Sangeet, which means music in Hindi, is my passion. With Sangeet by Nikki, I want to continue what my father started in 1989.  With years of experience, I have continued to sing old and new songs, Hindi and Punjabi. I truly enjoy entertaining and singing. 


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